One small change.

Staying uncluttered consists of habits and consistency.
This week I invite you to create one new small habit.
One action you can do in two minutes or less.
One tiny change in your routine that will become a habit that will keep you in the routine of being more organized.
Consider a place in your home that ‘bugs you lots’.  
It might be the dining room table, the coat closet, the bathroom counter, your desk, or?
Commit to making one change in your routine that will have a positive impact on how that space looks, feels and functions.
Recycle the newspaper every night instead of leaving it on the table, thinking you’ll get back to it.
Install an over the door hook on the closet door so you can hang your coat when you come in, instead of just tossing it on the chair.
Clear the bathroom counter of items you don’t use on a daily basis.
Don’t leave any papers piled on your desk. Put every paper in the appropriate folder or file.
Practice your one small change until it becomes routine.  
Then choose another small task.
Sure there are times when a total do over/sorting three hour tackle the space project is necessary to get an area Uncluttered. 
And there are simple easy tasks you can do on a daily basis to make your home feel more organized and you feel more in control.
This week, choose something small and easy.
You are your choices.