Pesky precarious piles.

Pick a pile.
Chances are somewhere in your house there’s a pile.
Perhaps several!
Mail, clothes, magazines, folded laundry, books, empty dvd cases, newspapers, dishes.
Choose one of the piles.
Before you dig in, and start sorting and rearranging; consider what caused it in the first place.
Were you in a hurry and tossed things there thinking you’d deal with it later?
Did you get distracted in the middle of a project?
Was the storage place for the item too far away from where you used it?
Did you lay something on the pile so you’d know where it was, only for it to get buried beneath other things you were leaving out as reminders?
Do you not have an effect system for dealing with things you encounter on a daily basis?
If you want to eliminate the pile it on, pile falls over, pile finally gets dealt withscenario, you need to change the habits behind the actions.
Not as daunting as it may at first seem.  Really.
The most important habit you can develop is to pay attention.
Don’t be so fixated or distracted by the next thing you have to do that you ignore what’s in front of you.
Dealing with items one time, while you have them in your hand, beats having to come back later, rummage around for where you hurriedly dropped it, or  deal with a falling over/slid to the floor pile.
Have homes for things in the rooms where you actually use them.
If you read in the bedroom, have a bookcase in there. 
If you take off your robe in the bathroom, have a hook on the door so it doesn’t end up piled on a chair.
Figure out where you drop the mail on your way in and create a simple, easy to follow system for dealing with it, right then, right there.
Be honest with yourself-do you really need to have the newspaper delivered every day?  How many unopened issues of a magazine are in the pile?
Are you ever going to take that pile of clothes to the consignment store?
Stop the piles before they start by:
            Paying attention.  Be present in this moment.
            Use the Two Minute Rule.
            Close the circle. (Take it out.  Use it.  Put it away)
            Set up and use simple systems.
Okay, now go and deal with one of those pesky piles!
Your life, your choices, your results.