Simple, but not always easy.

Decide what is important.  Let go of everything else.
Sounds simple enough, but it isn’t always easy.

Things we’ve purchased, gifts we’ve received, sentimental items, relationships, beliefs, all of Justin Case’s stuff.
Although we’ve committed to having a less cluttered life, moving from desire to action requires more thought and effort than we initially realized.

Some times the letting go is easy-the ugly clothes, the books we’ll never read, or the telephone bills from three years ago.
Other choices present us with reminders of who we used to be, things we thought we might enjoy, people who are no longer in our lives, unnecessary or duplicate purchases, and gifts we don’t need or even like, but have felt obligated to keep.

It is when we are faced with these harder choices when we need to remember the simple part.
What you want is a simpler life.
A life that holds only what important and supports the life and activities you truly love.
A life of connection and meaningful relationships.  
However that looks to you.

Only you get to decide what things resonate with you.
What clothes make you feel fabulous.
Which gifts bring you joy and warm your heart to the giver. 
What supplies allow you to make the art you want to create.
How many _______ is enough to make you feel you have an abundant and full life.

It is only clutter if it gets in the way of you having your one best life.

Actually quite simple if you pause and take the time to really think about it………