What we want is a less cluttered life.
What we sometimes forget is that the process to get there is just as important and interesting as the results.

It is through the sorting and deciding, keeping or giving, arranging and organizing that we realize some of the reasons why we have clutter in the first place.  

When we take the time to look at what is piled up and where, what never gets put away, what we’ve purchased but never used; we get little Aha moments.  It is in those moments where we can start to shift our mindset or set new priorities about how we want to be living and maintaining our homes.

Sorting and organizing can be tiring, not because we’re moving many many items, but because each of those items requires a decision, consideration, and perhaps a mental or emotional connection we hadn’t consciously made.  The process literally involves processing our connections to what we own.  (Or may own us….)

By paying attention, making conscious decisions about what activities we want to happen in what spaces, how many is really enough, why  we keep some things and readily  let go of others, and what is the easiest and simplest way to store our belongings; the results of the process of decluttering will be easier to maintain.

It’s true that the results/destination are a great motivation, but paying attention during the process/travel makes the journey far more interesting and the arrival more appreciated.