Simple Math.

This week presents the perfect opportunity to practice the ‘One in. One out’ suggestion.  (Suggestion sounds so much nicer than rule!)
With the gifts unwrapped and in need of homes in your house, now is the time to decide what stays and what goes.
Remember that five of one thing isn’t five times better, it’s usually just a case of repetition and duplication.
When trying to decide which gifts stay, remember that your only obligation as the receiver is a sincere thank you, for the giver’s thoughtfulness in remembering you. 
You don’t have to wear it, display it, eat it, add it to your collection, or make space for it in your house and life.
Cluttering your home with items you are keeping out of obligation or guilt prevents you from having space for the things you really use, love and value.
The longer an item stays in your home, the more challenging it is to let it go.  For some reason the longer it stays the more obligated to it you feel.  Even if you’ve never liked it!  So let it go now.
You may have received some wonderful things you can’t wait to add you to your home and life.  In that case, remember you still need to let go items those gifts are replacing.
Consider  One in, One out with regard to decorations, ornaments, wrapping supplies and other items associated with the Holiday.  Gently ask yourself, “How many is enough?”  “Which of these still has sentimental value?”  “Will I ever hang,  display or use this again?”  “Has my collection become a burden, not a joy?”
And actually, you might even find yourself letting go of two or three things for everyone you keep!  Give yourself a head start on the gift of a simpler, less cluttered and more meaningful Holiday Season next year.
Letting go opens up space in your home, your life and your heart.