Small area, big impact.

Unstuff your wallet.

It’s amazing how much stuff people are able to cram into such a small space.
Money, receipts, coupons, ID, loyalty cards, cookie fortunes, photographs,
notes, business cards, etc. etc. etc.

Clear a space on your desk or table and take everything out of your wallet.
Yes, the process is the same whether we’re sorting and organizing an entire room or 
this container.
    As you remove things, throw away or recycle the obvious:  Unreadable scraps of paper,
    unnecessary receipts, business cards of people you have no interest in, expired cards,
    outdated coupons, etc.
    Sort and group like with like.  Money, credit cards, membership ID, business cards,
    contact information, loyalty cards, love notes and photos. 
    Lift all the flaps, check all the pockets, and make certain you’ve cleaned out each section.


Now think about what really needs to live in your wallet.
How much cash are you comfortable carrying?
Which of these cards do you use on a regular basis?
Is it really necessary to have certain cards or ID with you all the time?
Might you be less tempted to shop if you only carried your debit card?
Could you use the Key Ring app and not have to carry all those loyalty cards?
Would entering the information from a business card into your phone’s Contacts list be helpful?
How could you simplify what you’re carrying around?

As you start to refill the wallet, consider which things you pull out on a regular basis.
Make it fast and easy to access the items you use frequently.
Group like kinds of items together. 
(Perhaps even leave some slots empty)

With your wallet, as with your home, try to maintain the One In, One Out rule.
If you’re going to add something to what you’re carrying around, decide which thing you’re willing to eliminate.


Organizing your stuff, no matter where you have it, makes life easier.
Start with a small space. 
Make a difference you can take advantage of on a regular basis.
Choose less to have more.