Thinking vs reality.

You think you wear all the clothes in your closet,
but what’s true is you wear about 50% of them.

You think you know what’s in all the piles on your desk;
but what’s true is you’ve missed paying bills, lost checks, 
and misplaced important papers.

You think you’re going to rewatch all those dvds on the shelf;
but what’s true is there are always new movies available,
and you didn’t even enjoy some of them the first time around.

You think you have the time to finish all those projects you have the materials for;
but what’s true is that hobby no longer interests you or you no longer need or want 
the object you were planning to create.

Clutter can be the result of the difference in what we think we do,
and how we really live our lives.

Take a serious look at what’s hanging in your closet.
Let go of what you don’t wear.

Sort through the paper piles.
Switch to a vertical system of folders, keeping like items together.

Cull your dvd collection.
Consider switching to renting or streaming movies.

Let go of the supplies and projects that no longer interest you.
Make some space in your closet, on your shelves, in the garage.

Create the clutter free reality that supports the life
you want to be living now.