Walking my talk.


Photo proof of my excuse for not posting last week.

One reason I choose a simple, uncluttered life is to be able to have time and space for relationships.
Last week at a State Park in Eastern Washington my siblings and their kids (and their kids kids)
met for our  biennial Family Reunion. 

Months in the planning and organizing, with lists and crossing out;
making it all happen was fun as well as challenging.

We ate, laughed, swam, played games, did arts and crafts, played water balloon volleyball, 
talked until the wee hours, and ate some more!

But mostly what we did was had experiences, made memories, connected with each other and
left on Sunday a tiny bit richer in our hearts than when we arrived on Wednesday. 

I will admit families can be challenging.
There were moments when I had to bite my tongue.
But, when I’m old (not there yet!)
and I look back on my life, 
I believe it will be the experiences I’ll treasure and not the stuff.