Try a brain dump

Plans, worries, what if’s, should, could, have tos, want tos, and all those other thoughts scurrying around in your brain.
Many of them on a continuous unhelpful loop.

Try this:
Write them down.
Yup, get them out of your head and on to a piece of paper.
(Sure, you could do a Word document or fill up a Note on your phone as an option too)

Don’t filter yourself, or judge what you’re writing, or deny which thoughts 
have been overwhelming or agitating you.
This is an opportunity to declutter your mind.
Make some space.

Once you’ve made your list, set it aside.
Take a break.

Later, come back and look at what you’ve written.
Again with curiosity, not judgment.
Maybe just having written it down might be the relief you need.
Maybe it would be helpful to you to go over the list and see which things 
need your immediate attention.
Which things you can set aside for a while.
Which things you’ve just been ‘shoulding’ on yourself about.  Ewww…

Perhaps this list will generate a manageable To Do list for you.
Perhaps you will see that somethings just need a phone call or an email to get settled.
Perhaps some themes will be apparent regarding real changes you’d like to create for yourself.

Just as decluttering and organizing our physical spaces 
has a positive impact on our surroundings and lives,
decluttering your brain will do the same thing.