What if?

Amazing how such a small word, if, can loom so large for people during the decluttering process.
Usually in the form of “What if I need it again?”

Some people have stories of letting something go, then days or weeks later needing that item again.
(Of course no one has stories about all the things they gave away, recycled or trashed and never thought about again…..)  

IF an item does leave your home and you find yourself needing it again what are your options?
  1.  You could find something else you own to use in its place.  Clever repurposing is always a choice.
  2.  You could borrow the item.
  3.  You could perhaps rent the item.
  4.  You could find a used version.
  5.  You could buy a replacement.
      “But, but I already spent good money on the one I gave away.”  Yes you did.  And the moment you purchased it that money was gone.  Keeping it wouldn’t have gotten your money back.  And the new one you’re buying probably cost less and does more than the one you used to have.

What if is Justin Case’s way of getting you to store his things in your house. 
Do you really have enough room to store things for someone who doesn’t even exist?

Remember that your donations of useable items frees up space in your life
(physical, mental and emotional), 
creates jobs for people in your community,
and allows people who really need and have a used for something right now the chance to acquire it.

If the item is really trash or needs to be recycled, make that decision.
Move things along and out of your house.


Choose to believe that you have a rich and abundant life.
That if you need something, you will be able to get it.
After all; you’re smart, creative, resourceful, and have access to cash.

Your home.
Your life.
Your choices.