What’s the benefit?

Often what keeps us stuck or procrastinating is
our focus is on how hard something is going to be,
or why we don’t want to do it.  (Whine, whine)

Instead, try focusing on the benefits of doing the work.

What opportunities might be created?
Remember why you wanted to take on the project.
Remind yourself of the changes your actions will produce.

Procrastination and stalling take energy.  
Why not put that effort into achieving the goal?

Weigh the long term benefits against the short time needed to do the actual work.

If you switch your focus from the mechanics of the doingness part,
to the positive outcome and changes having done the work will create; 
you can change how you feel.

Place your attention where you want your results to be.
Inviting a shift in perspective makes it easier to get things done.

What are the benefits of a less cluttered life?

Make that your focus.