Maps, melted Chapstick, pencil stubs…

What else is lurking in your car’s glove compartment?

Probably not gloves!

Clutter and disorganization isn’t just in our houses. 

It can spill over into our cars too.

You might not be up for tackling the entire interior of the car, but you could take ten minutes to sort through the hidden accumulation in the glove compartment.

Grab a trash bag, your recycle container, and something to put ‘things that live somewhere else’ and open that treasure box up.

Wow, who knew you could stuff so much stuff in such a small space?

Dried up pens, napkins, a dead flashlight, lost sunglasses, receipts from tires long worn out and replaced.

Having removed everything, down to the last paper clip and mustard packet; take a moment to review what you unearthed.

In addition to the car registration, proof of insurance, and  the car manual what items belong and need a home in that space?

What supplies, tools or accessories need to be close at hand and available?

What might still need to be in the car but could live in the trunk or a seat back pocket?

Think about why some of the stuff ended up in there and how you might deal with those items in the future.

Will having a clean and organized glove compartment necessarily have a huge impact on your life?  Probably not. 

But decluttering that small space is great practice. It reinforces the habits of being organized and gives you one more place in your life where you know what lives where, so you’ll be able to find it when you need it.

All those individual projects add up, all those ten minutes of decluttering and organizing build on each other, and you experience the results of having a home (and car) that are easier to live in and maintain.

Your choices. 

Your results.

Your life.