Cost and value.

Everything has a price.

And free things are often more expensive than you realize!

(Consider the clutter created by the give away items you brought home from the last conference or trade show…..)

In trying to have a less clutter but knowing you want and need things in your life, paying attention to the cost and value of an item is important.

We usually think of cost in terms of how much money we spent, but that isn’t the whole story. In addition to the dollar amount there are the time, space, maintenance, and emotional costs we pay for our things.

We need to carefully weigh those costs-obvious and hidden, against the value we receive.  Is it valuable to us to be able to find things when we need them?  Do we value having spaces in our homes dedicated to activities we enjoy?  Does it add value to our relationships to be able to spend more time with the people we love and care about, instead of more time working to pay for things we rarely use, or purchased out of guilt or obligation?

Where in your life are you paying a price; wasted time, actual cash, under utilized or over crowded space, and not receiving adequate value?

By pausing and considering what and who you truly value in your life, and being willing to pay the cost to make the time and space to have those things; life will be less cluttered and yet fuller and richer.

Take a few moments this week to consider areas in your life where the cost /value ratio might be out of balance.  Be willing to pay the price and afford the costs of decisions that will make your life easier, and more in keeping with what you love and value.

Your choices.

Your results.

Your life.