Like with like.

Like with like.

All the pasta in the pantry.

All the camping gear in a clear bin in the garage.

All the gardening tools hung next to each other.

All your long sleeve shirts together in one section of the closet.

All the office supplies on one shelf.

All the bathroom cleaning supplies in a tote under the sink.

All your current bills that need to be paid in one folder.

All your 2021 tax related receipts in one hanging file.

Keep like with like.

Store things where you use them.

Make it easy to find what you need and 

easy to put things away when you’ve finished with them.

By storing like with like you will spend less time hunting

for things you know you have but can’t find.

You will spend less money buying duplicates of things you already own.

You will have a visual of how many is enough.

Make your systems and your solutions to storage challenges

as simple as possible.

Don’t overthink the options.

Keep like with like.