One way to start.

Starting can be a challenge.
Despite knowing we want change,
we can’t seem to take the first step.

My suggestion:  Start small.
Of course you’d like to get your clothing situation pared down and organized.
You’d love it if the family room didn’t feel like chaos.
If some closets didn’t make you nervous opening the door.

Start with one drawer.  One shelf.
Tackle your sock situation.
Sort through one of the toy bins.
Go through the hats, mittens, dog leashes, baseball hats
and nest of scarves on the top shelf of the coat closet.

Toss the unmatched, the too saggy, too tight, the worn,
the unopened gift pairs of socks.
Part with the out grown, broken, age inappropriate toys.
Keep what you honestly wear, use and looks great on you.

Tomorrow work on a different drawer, another bin and choose another shelf.
Keep in mind:  
How many is enough?
Am I holding on to this just in case?
Would I buy this now?
Does it earn the space it’s taking up?

The situation didn’t get this way in one day.
It will take more than one day to create the easy, spacious feeling you desire.
Start small.
Build on your successes.
One drawer, one bin, one shelf at a time.
You can do this.