Limit your options.

Having more options and more choices makes us think we will arrive at the perfect solution
  or we’ll make the ideal choice.
More options equates more time spent choosing,
  and more opportunities to feel we might have made the wrong choice.
Too many options can feel overwhelming, and
  leads us to believe insignificant choices have greater weight and
  importance than they really do.
We use valuable mental band width on decisions that may have
  little long term effect or benefit.

Where are some easy places to limit your options?
When filing papers (most of which you know you’ll never look at again)
  keep the categories general.
Buy the same color towels for all the bathrooms.
Find products you like and consistently use them.
Keep like things together so you only have to look in one place to find them.
Once you choose, move on.
“That decision has been made.”

Don’t let trying to find the perfect solution keep you stuck.
Trust me, imperfection is okay.
In fact it’s quite comfortable.

It’s okay to set limits, make easy choices
  and opt not to exercise every option.