One in. One out.

Clutter is often a math problem:
Five pairs of jeans-of which you only really wear two.
Four places where you keep scissors-none where you actually need them.
Ten worn tee shirts just in case you do some painting-which you haven’t done in five years.
Three empty boxes from your recent computer purchase- two years ago.

One answer to a less cluttered and more organized home is the One In, One Out idea.
(This  concept is closely connected to How Many is Enough….)

When you bring a new item into your home, 
you need to be willing to let of  a similar item you already have.
Replacing the worn, tired, obsolete, frustrating to use item makes sense.
Buying yet another of the same type, function, limited usefulness; is trading money for clutter.

Before you bring another thing into your home, decide what the new item it will be replacing.
Don’t forget to think about where this new item will live. 
Everything needs a home,
and being able to put your latest acquisition away immediately will keep it from becoming clutter.

Frame a new purchase by considering:  Do I want it or do I need it?
Two vastly different reasons for adding more stuff to your life. 
How will this new purchase help you live the life you say I want?  
Does this add to the quality of your life, or will it complicate routines, 
systems and spaces that are currently working just fine?

Controlling what comes into your home is key to keeping it clutter free and organized.  
Thoughtful purchases can create a home that feels comfortable and supportive to you.

One in.  One out.
(Maybe even One in.  Two out!)