Stop comparing.

There’s your physical clutter, emotional clutter and mental clutter.

They all are connected, related, and feed into each other.
(Darn it)
Dealing with one will help you manage the others.

A great place to start:
Stop comparing yourself to others.

The things you never do,
always do, should do.
Your house, your job, your bank balance.

Pay attention to the constant stream of judgments,
criticism, and measuring yourself that goes on in your head.
When you notice that voice:
Take a breath.
Remember your goodness.
Cut yourself some slack.
Put down the beating yourself up stick.

The person who lives in your head, lives in your house.
Make them both welcoming spaces.

Just as decluttering your physical room opens up space;
letting go of mental clutter opens up your mind.
Stop comparing and start creating that life.