What fits

Having an organized life is about things fitting.
And I don’t just mean the clothes in your closet.

It’s about organizing your space so that what you need, use and value fits
the storage areas you’ve designated.
It’s about the activities you choose fitting the life style that you want to be leading.
It’s about creating time to fit the people you care about into your schedule.

How well do your buying practices fit your beliefs about quality vs quantity?
Are you able to fit time into your daily life for moments of quiet reflection?

Life can be a complicated kind of puzzle.
Making activities, choices, relationships, and priorities fit together
in ways that are good for your head and heart can be a challenge.

Take the time to make sure that you’re comfortable with the fit.
Pay attention if things are rubbing you raw, feel sloppy, too tight or 
are out of proportion.

Only you can know and feel when the fit is just right.
Make adjustments as necessary…….