Your invisible roommate

You know, the guy that’s been sharing your home and storage spaces.
The guy that whispers what if when you’re getting ready to donate something you
no longer need, use or value.
The guy that is math challenged and can’t ever figure out how much is enough.
Or keeps encouraging you to pile things higher and deeper on the shelves in the garage, the floor of the basement, and the corner of the attic.

You know the the guy I mean, Justin.
Justin Case.

It really is time for you to kick the bum out!
And have him take his unneeded, no longer used, what if stuff with him.

Chances are really really good that all that stuff you’ve been keeping just in case
you will never need, want or have any use for again.

However, if in a month, or six, you find yourself in need of something you’ve donated, sold or given away;
you certainly have the brains and ability to get another one.
Or repurpose something you own to do the job, 
or borrow the item, buy the item used, 
or maybe purchase a new, better version of the one you let go.


You really only have room in your home and life for things that are
important and valuable to you.
Don’t waste time, space or energy keeping things for Justin Case.
(Trust me, he is taking up valuable space in many people’s houses,
he doesn’t need room in yours!)