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What I know:

It isn't about our stuff.
It's about our connections.

Bigger. Better. More.
Rarely is.

Our best lives create space
in our homes and hearts
for the people and activities
that make us genuinely happy.

You must be present to win.

Did you say ‘Thank You’?

Anxious letting something go because “It was a gift.”?

How thoughtful of your spouse, friend, parent, 
child, sibling,  or co worker to think of you.
And your total obligation to that thoughtfulness is to say “Thank You.”

You don’t have to 
wear the item,
eat the item,
use the item,
display the item, 
or keep it.

You get to decide what lives in your house.
What you want to wear, eat, spend time using,
or have on display.
It’s your house, remember?

If the giver notices or comments about your use
or lack of, or where the gift is:
That’s really about them-their neediness,
their taste and their sense of what’s important,
beautiful or useful.

Would you want a gift you gave to become clutter 
in someone else life or home?
(I think not)

“Thank you” is enough.

Start small

Sure your closet is chaos.
The garage has a tiny path.
The pile of papers on your desk is precarious.
You know you have a dining room table-it’s holding up the piles.

If it all seems daunting and a wee bit overwhelming,
narrow your focus.
Start with the floor in the closet,
the area just inside the door to the garage,
the left side of the desk.

Set a timer for ten minutes.
Sort, toss, pile like with like.
Stop after ten minutes.
See the difference.
There will be a difference!

Allow the progress to inspire you.

All this clutter didn’t appear in ten minutes,
it will take more than ten minutes to get the situation under control.
But, starting small and devoting time and energy to the situation
will change the look, feel and function of an area.

You can do this.
Change is possible.
Just start.


Enough is enough.

You are enough.
You have enough.

More isn’t better.
More is often merely the same thing, again and again.

By setting limits on what you’ll own,
who you will spend your time with,
and where you will put your energy,
you will create time and space for the life you want to live.

Enough really is enough!


That was then. This is now.

Yup, you used to wear a size 8.
Now you don’t.

You used to bake 48 cupcakes at a time.
Now you don’t.

You used to to scrapbook.
Now you don’t.

You used to decorate every room for the holidays.
Now you don’t.

That was then.  
This is now.

Donate the clothes that don’t fit, 
the kitchen equipment you haven’t touched in years,
the paper, ribbon, buttons and special scissors,
the bins of decorations taking up valuable space
in the garage.

Trust that if you need some other clothes, 
another cookie sheet, some fairy stickers,
or a stuffed snowman you have the ability to
get those items.

Create space for the things you need, use
love, and value in the life you’re living today.
Live simply in the here and now.

The life you want.

Maybe the life you want
is buried underneath all the stuff you own……..

Math problem.

Is ten, ten times as good as one?
  No, it’s one ten times over.

How many is enough?

How many do you want to spend your money on?
Find room to store?
Spend time maintaining?
Create a display system for?
Have to choose between?

Limiting your stuff simplifies your life.

Small amounts are easier to manage and
make space for a bigger life.

Your choices create your life.



Focus on what you’re keeping.

Stop worrying about what you are donating, giving away, recycling or throwing in the trash.

Those black jeans never fit or were flattering.
You are never going to read that book your aunt gave you.
You didn’t like that art when it hung in your parent’s house,
  you should never have brought it into yours.
How many cupcake pans are enough?
Those sheets are thin and the towels stained.
Someone else does the gardening.

Keep your attention on the things you are keeping.

You love that black sweater and it looks great on you.
You’ve read that book three times. and will read it three more.
Your mom’s vintage coffeepot made a great lamp base.
Twelve cupcakes should cover all your party needs.
(You get the idea.)

You are letting go of the things you no longer use, love or value.
Choose to keep the things that make your life easier,
that fit comfortably in the space you have,
and give your home a feeling of comfort and calm.

Let go and move on.
(Oh, and don’t limit yourself to just the physical stuff…….)

Look around.

Take a long slow look around your house.
All that clutter?
It used to be money.


Those decisions have been made.

If you want different results;
make different choices.
One at a time.

Out of your head

Saying things out loud can be powerful.
And illuminating.
And helpful.
And funny.

Voicing why you’re keeping something often 
helps you realize you don’t really need it any longer.
Putting into words the value you’ve attached to an item
helps you determine what it’s worth in the life you lead now.
Saying out loud what has only been a vague rumbling in the back of your mind
lowers the power of an object.

The next time you’re decision challenged,
say out loud (even if you’re all alone) your why,
your justification, your reasonings and see if 
your perspective shifts and there is clarity.
Maybe you’ll decide to keep the item,
perhaps you’ll see it’s time to let it go.

Be okay with whichever decision you make.
Move on.

What are you waiting for?

The perfect containers?
A bigger closet?
Losing ten pounds?
The beginning of a new month?
More money?
More time?

Stop letting perfection,
or a different place
or a new you,
or a bigger pile of money
keep you from have a less cluttered,
more organized life.

Start where you are with what you have.
Spend ten minutes today sorting one shelf.
Clearing out one drawer.
Dealing with today’s mail.

Do you need it?
Does it live here or somewhere else?
Donate?  Recycle?  Trash?

What remains store like with like.
The things you use most often
get best access.

If eventually you find perfect containers,
have a bigger closet, lose ten pounds,
or have more money; you will already 
be organized and all that will just 
be a bonus.

Even a small step in the right direction is movement.