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What I know:

It isn't about our stuff.
It's about our connections.

Bigger. Better. More.
Rarely is.

Our best lives create space
in our homes and hearts
for the people and activities
that make us genuinely happy.

You must be present to win.

Give up on yourself.

“Give up on yourself. Begin taking action now, while being neurotic or imperfect, or a procrastinator, or unhealthy, or lazy, or any other label by which you inaccurately describe yourself.
Go ahead and be the best imperfect person you can be and get started on those things you want to accomplish before you die.”   Shoma Morita


For just this moment

Right here, right now, take one slow in breath.
Slowly let that one breath out.

Just for this moment, let go of your mental list:
The shoulds,
could haves,
and if only. 
Why don’t I?
Why didn’t they?
It’s not enough. 
It’s all too much. 
I’m overwhelmed. 
I’m under acknowledged.
I’m unworthy.
I need.
They want.
Where should I start?
How can I stop?

Put down the stick you use to beat yourself up.
Lower the bar you never seem to meet.

Practice letting go.
(And trust me, it is a practice……..)

See if in your breath you can find a tiny bit of space
just to be right here.
And have that be enough.

Because letting go of even a tiny bit of the mental clutter
is how you practice letting go of the other clutter in your life.


That sneaky Justin

I’ve mentioned Justin Case before.
Many times!

Justin Case I need this receipt.
Justin Case I need a back up back up stapler.
Justin Case I decide to watch this VCR tape.
Justin Case I find the mates to all these single socks.

How much space does Justin Case get for storage at your house?
And why does an imaginary guy get any space?!?

You feed Justin with your worries:
What if I lose ten pounds?
What if I decide to start playing tennis again?
What if I need a service for twelve of fine china?

IF any of those things were to happen,
and you’d let the clothes, racket and plates go-
you’d figure out a solution.
You’re a smart and capable problem solver.
You have resources.
Trust your own abilities.

Let Justin’s things go.
In fact, let Justin go!



Why not what.

It isn’t about how many you have, or what you own.
It’s about why you have it……

Consciously, subconsciously or unconsciously at some point you made a decision about every single item and person you have in your home and life.

Perhaps it’s time to reconsider, evaluate, prioritize and give serious consideration to who and what surrounds you.

It’s okay to change your mind,
let some things go, and
focus in a different direction.

Lead a more conscious and thoughtful life.


It’s over.

Admit it.
You’re over playing golf.
Let the clubs go.
You’re never going to have 12 people for dinner.
Give away the set of dishes for 15.
It’s over between you and the crock pot.
And the specialty cake pans.
And the spike heels.

That was then.
This is now.

Move forward.
Make space in the garage, the cabinets,
and the closet for the life you live right now.

Let your home reflect what’s important to you
and how you want to spend this one precious life.


Remembering the basics.

An organized life is a simpler, easier life.

Achieving a more organized home depends on remembering
 a few key ideas.

One in.  One out.
Store like with like.
How many is enough.
That was then.  This is now.
If you can do it in less than two minutes:
  Do it now.

Habits and systems make the mechanics of daily living
  more automatic and save time and energy.
This week, try focusing on just one of these ideas.
  Before you buy something ask  yourself what you’re
  willing to let of that you already own.
  Gather like items that are spread about your house
  and store them together-where you use them.
  Ask yourself how many ____________ do I really need?
  More isn’t better, it’s just more…..
  What are you holding onto from a life you no longer lead?
    Sports equipment?  Hobby supplies?  Clothes that don’t fit?
  Don’t put things down, put them away.

You can do this.
One decision at a time.



Acquiring abundance

“Abundance isn’t something you acquire.
It’s something you tune into.”  Maria Stenvinkel

Enough is abundance.
Anything more than what you need is just clutter and excess.

Value the items you have.
Nurture your relationships.

If what you have now isn’t satisfying;
why do you think one, two or ten more will be?

Turn your attention to what you already have.
Let your gratitude create a sense of abundance.

May your heart be full.



New Year Resolution

May the only resolution you make for 2018 be:
                 Love the life you’re living

The present of presence

Want to give gifts this year that are meaningful for both the recipient and yourself?

Give the gift of your presence.
Show up in their lives.
Spend time.
Put down your phone and pay attention to who is in front of you.
Be present in this moment, now.

Invite someone for a walk.
Plan to meet for lunch.
Visit a museum.
Take the time to connect.

Relationships give our lives meaning.
Share experiences and conversations with the people
you feel close to, or that you’d like to know better.

No fancy ribbons, bows, or wrapping paper needed.
The present of your presence isn’t more stuff in someone’s life.
It is a reflection of what has meaning and what we value.

Make merry.
Be bright.
Show up as love.


Here’s a challenge for this week.

Don’t buy anything.
For one week: Stop shopping.

(The economy won’t collapse, you won’t starve and you won’t have to go out naked….)

And you still have plenty of time to buy experiences (not stuff)
for the people on your Christmas list.

This week, use up what’s already taking up space.
Make dinner from what’s on the shelf and in the fridge.
Wear the clothes you have.
Just because it’s on sale, doesn’t make it a bargain or a necessity.

Shopping takes time, money, and energy.
Given you have a limited amount of each-where do you really want to spend it?

When you do shop, honestly ask yourself:
Do I need this?
Will I use it?
Is this better or more useful than the one I already own?
Where will it live once I get it home?
Will having this support and enhance the life I truly want to be living?

Mindfulness when you shop will help reduce the clutter and disorganization
in your home.
Pay attention to how and where you spend your money and your time.